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After my last couple of costumes, this one was mercifully simple....

The head, like usual, was made using a black plastic mesh base: Image 1, Image 2. I covered the mesh skeleton with black felt (sewn on) and painted the eyes and ears with gold paint (mistakes were easily patched up with a black permanent marker). Originally, the mouth moved, but after I added the felt, it wouldn't move anymore, and I couldn't fix it no matter what I tried. So I sewed the mouth shut. (It would've looked weird with teeth anyway.) I sewed a piece of black felt to the throat so it would cover my neck. The headdress is made of a satiny, royal blue cloth with a gold cloth netting sewn onto the top. This was then sewn onto the back of the mask. I left the front of the snout and lower jaw as well as the sides of the mouth underneath the top jaw open so that I could see straight ahead and to the sides, respectively. This worked fairly well, though I got cross-eyed if I stared out the front for too long. Images: Finished Mask 1, Finished Mask 2.

The gold part around my waist is merely two yards of cloth folded in half and pinned together in front.

I wore a normal white t-shirt, jean shorts, and sandals with this costume, making it the most comfortable costume of mine to date.

The sign is optional (it's an inside joke). It was made by my friend Kat, and it says, "6D6 vs. your WILL" on the front and "Ha ha, you die" on the back. Ah, the joys of being Anubis for a day....

Actually, the best part of this costume was terrorizing the Stargate people running around Incon, the convention where I first wore this costume. Okay, so I didn't really terrorize them because...um...they were armed and I wasn't. Poo. Oh, well. I got a picture with them, though! That was cool. :-]

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